What To Bring

​At Valor, we have created a welcoming environment for all clients entering medical detox. We understand the needs of our clients during this phase in recovery and are committed to maintaining a secure, relaxing and comfortable space for all. Our inpatient detox center was designed as a home away from home that allows our clients to detox safely. With state-of-the-art amenities, lounging areas, around the clock care, tailored meals and healthy snacks to name a few, Valor provides everything you need and more during your stay with us

​​Items That Will Be Stored During Your Stay:

  • Cell Phone (please write down all important phone numbers prior to your arrival)
  • Cash, Credit Cards and Gift Cards (you will have access to your money at staff approved trips to the store)
  • ​Prescription Medications to be reviewed by Doctor (no controlled substances of any kind)
  • iPod/MP3 Players
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • ​Cosmetics containing alcohol
  • Car Keys (vehicles may be parked at the Valor Detox treatment center)

*All confiscated items, with the exception of Drugs/Alcohol, will be returned upon discharge 


What to Leave at Home:

  • Illegal Drugs/Alcohol
  • ​Drug paraphernalia
  • Any sharp or dangerous objects
  • Cameras/Camcorders
  • ​T-shirts with sexually explicit, violent or drug related content
  • Weapons
  • ​Food Items
  • Laundry Detergent, fabric softener and hand soap
  • ​Pornography
  • ​Personal linen, pillows or stuffed animals
  • ​Any other potentially dangerous substance or device deemed unsafe by Valor Staff

*Valor Detox reserves the right to confiscate ANY item deemed to be unfit for treatment

Personal Belongings:

  • ​​Personal Identification (Driver's License, Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.)
  • ​Insurance Card
  • ​Small suitcase containing 3 comfortable changes of clothes and non-alcoholic containing toiletries
  • ​1-quart sized zip locked bag containing cosmetic products
  • 1-quart sized zip locked bag containing toiletries
  • Cigarettes
  • It is required to come with a minimum of $100 on a Visa gift card to cover prescription refills, personal hygiene products, etc...

*Valor is not responsible for any lost/stolen items so please choose carefully on what to bring​​


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