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Saved This Addict's Life - Scott B.

"To put into words what Valor did for me can not be achieved by only words, it has to be experienced. However, I will try to do the best I can. This incredible treatment center did something for me that I could not do for myself. Going in to treatment I really had no clue of what to expect but it really was my last hope of continuing to stay alive. I had not only hit rock bottom but I had even dug through that and went even deeper. While there in my 98 days I was in the program, a transformation happened, a reaction to the program I would have never thought possible for me. I learned things about myself far beyond just about me and my 17 year using career. I learned about things about myself of which I never knew before and learned a lot of things about just why I have always been the way that I am. I learned how to be and became comfortable with being truly honest, open-minded, and willing. I learned to love myself again, love myself for who I am. I am what I am, and that is perfectly fine. I learned so many tools to use in my ongoing recovery that I am extremely confident that I was educated on everything I needed to be and to carry with me in living my new sober life, free from the need of drugs and alcohol. The feeling of being set free from that indispensable wreckage created by drugs & alcohol, and the clear consciousness that has been created from it. If you or someone close to you suffers from this horrible disease of addiction, I could not recommend a better place. The staff is nothing short of absolutely wonderful and was everything I ever needed. I will continue to thank them every day for the rest of my life. They saved my life and then some." 

One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made - Meg M.

"If you are suffering from an addiction, you need to suffer no longer. I hit rock bottom and knew it was time to seek help. I was driven to despair.Having never been to rehab before, I didn’t know where to start. My family and I spent many hours researching numerous treatment facilities. I found Valor and decided to call with some questions and was encouraged by their Mind, Body, and Spirit approach. During that phone call, I felt so much empathy and compassion that it gave me hope that I could maybe live normally again, even though I could not fathom a life without alcohol.  I scheduled a visit for the next morning. I was so impressed with the staff’s credentials, the variety of treatment modalities and the warmth and friendliness of everyone!  The office feels like a home, not a facility.  I decided to make the commitment. Through the course of my care, I received many hours of Group and Individual therapy, Medical doctor visits, Psychiatric evaluations, Cranial-Sacral therapy, Art/Music Therapy, Equine Therapy, Educational Groups, 12-step Meetings, Gym Sessions, Housing, Meals, Weekend Outings and Life Coaching. I felt so comfortable with the staff and the other residents,  which allowed me to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. I think about Valor everyday and will remain forever connected to them for saving my life and for restoring the love and joy that had gone amiss. They really do care. Currently, I am living a happy and fulfilling life that I look forward to everyday!"

 Exceptional Service and Compassion - Jeff M.

"I have recently been seeking out treatment centers for my wife, a struggling alcoholic. After visits with multiple centers face-to-face, I can say that I am highly impressed with my experience with Valor. The second I walked in the door I was greeted by friendly staff members, and a setting that was warm and comfortable for any client/family member. I got time with 2 of the therapists to talk about my wife and was given a ton of direction and insight on what I can do to help her. They ran insurance while I was there and laid out what finances, the program and the entire experience would be like not only for my wife, but myself as well. My wife is in detox as of today, and I look forward to her getting her life back, my kids getting their mom back and she and I rekindling our marriage with a life of sobriety. Thank you so much Valor. I look forward to the experience."

​​One of The Only Treatment Centers That Truly Cares - Barbara P.

"When I was looking for treatment for my son, a struggling heroin addict, I was at a loss as what to do. I called places over and over again. Most places were not willing to help, did not answer my questions, and gave the runaround with insurance and finances. When I found Valor's website, it was a last ditch effort to find help. The staff at Valor answered the phone immediately and were quick to assure me that they would help whether it was at their center or another one. They immediately ran my son's insurance which they took, arranged detox, and gave us all necessary instructions on where to take my son. The entire process was smooth and my son is doing fantastic as a client of Valor Detox. Valor is there to help the next struggling addict, not just take their money as so many other treatment centers were from my experience. I would recommend Valor to anyone who is i need or knows someone in need of beating their addiction."

Wonderful Place! Highly Recommended!! - Nicole P.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
"They truly care about helping others! I would recommend them to anyone. When you are in need of a place like this, it is critical to feel like you are in good hands, like you are taken seriously, like they understand you and are here for you. Addiction is a very hard thing to go through, whether you are the patient of a family member of the patient. It is very important to know that you will be taken care of in such a critical time. What a wonderful facility."

​​Incredible facility, caring and experienced staff! - Leslie R.

"Valor Detox truly exceeds my expectations for an addiction treatment center! First off, I am incredibly impressed with the caring and compassionate staff at Valor. I was able to meet and get to know each colleague there and not only was I able to feel their passion that they have for what they do but I was also impressed with the high levels of professionalism they exude! With many years of experience and a solid program, the staff really knows what they are doing! They are also very friendly and do not hesitate to go above and beyond for family's and their loved ones who need help. Secondly, the entire facility is more than breathtaking! It is beautifully decorated and very welcoming! This allows the people who are in treatment to feel as though they are "at home" and in a safe and clean environment. I have worked with many rehabs or addiction treatment centers and it is rare to find one that does not feel like a hospital or institution setting. I would HIGHLY recommend Valor Detox to anyone seeking help with their addiction."

I Highly Recommend Valor - Katie M.
"When we were looking for treatment for our son who is an alcoholic we were thrilled to find Valor. It is a beautiful facility with an amazing staff who truly cared about our son and his recovery. They have been there for us and our son through this process and have done everything they said they would. We've been to other facilities and none of them compare to Valor. We would highly recommend Valor to anyone seeking recovery."

Great Experience! - Chris
"I completed Valor Behavioral's 90-day program and have remained sober ever since. The staff at Valor is top notch and their facilities are extremely nice and clean at all times. I entered treatment in a bad place but quickly got comfortable and it truly felt like a home. I would recommend Valor to anyone needing treatment. Overall I had a great experience."

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